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Route 20 - Guilderland, New York

stripe decor

Chocolate Motorcycle from Candy Kraft Candies
Chocolate Stock Car from Candy Kraft Candies

Motorcycle - $6.50

All cruisers and chopper riders will enjoy this fun and delicious bike.

6 oz.

Stock Car - $5.50

Milk Chocolate Car in a black and white checkered box. The perfect treat that all NASCAR race fans will love.

5 oz.

Greeting Cards

Also available: Doctor, Nurse, Secretary, Bus Driver, Lawyer, Fireman, Mailman, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Love, Retirement, Golfer, Diet Tomorrow, Thank You, Best Wishes, You're The Best.

Greeting Card - $6.00

Milk Chocolate.

5 oz

Lacrosse Set - $7.00

Milk Chocolate. Stick, ball, Helmet & Bar

5.5 oz.

Gaming Set - $8.00

Milk Chocolate - 6.5oz.


Sports Bar - $4.50

Milk Chocolate.

Many other sports available

4 oz.

Ballet Shoes - $7.00

Milk Chocolate - 8oz.

Computer - $7.50

Milk Chocolate Keyboard & Monitor.

7 oz.

Golf Set - $6.00

Milk Chocolate Golf Bag with three White Chocolate golf balls. The ideal chocolate confection for duffer and pro alike.

4 oz.




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